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College Preparatory Christian School Serving Grades K-12

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Student Admissions

A High Academic Standard

We are committed to high moral standards and academic excellence with an academic philosophy based on the truth of Christ.

Self-Managed Application Process

It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to track the application from beginning to end. Parents should make all appointments, ensure that all information is submitted in a timely manner and that all supporting documents are submitted for inclusion in the applicant's file.

1. Fill out the application.

Please return one set of forms per student. Click here for a printable application.

2. Submit the $130 application fee.

Return one set of completed forms for each student, and the $130 per family (non-refundable) registration fee to the school office.

3. Interview.

Call the school office to schedule an interview. Both parent and student must attend.

4. Complete Registration File.

Upon approval by the school administration, students will be officially accepted and required to produce additional forms, which may include an immunization record and/or school transcripts, etc. Enrollment will be complete when all registration forms are on file at PPPCS.

Tuition and Fees

For the 2021-2022 Academic Year


1st Child - $5,100
2nd Child - $3,650
3rd Child - $2,550
Text Book Costs *
Kindergarten - $180
Grades 1-8 - $280
Grades 9-12 - $320
* Book costs are subject to change

Standard Fees*

$130  - Registration/Application Fee per Family (Non-Refundable)
$40  - Standardized Testing Fee per Child (Grades 1-12)
$10  - Insurance per Child
$20  - ACSI Membership per Child
$25  - "God's World" per Child (Grades K-8)
$25  - "God's World" per Child (Grades 9-12)
*Standard fees are subject to change based on final costs to the school.

Other Fees

$5  - Transcripts per pupil (K-11)
$25  - Returned Checks
$50  - Senior Fees (cap, gown, diploma, transcripts),
paid by January 31

Optional Programs

Afternoon Academics

An afternoon academics program is available for tutoring, art, music, and various library programs. You must let us know your plans ASAP so we can adjust your tuition/bus/academics fee starting in September.
3:00 - 3:30 Class
$10/day, $180/month
3:00 - 4:00 Class
$12/day, $230/month
3:00 - 5:00 Class
$15/day, $250/month
After 5:00
By special arrangement only.
Music Lessons
Piano, guitar, vocal lessons are available at a rate for $25 per half hour.

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Praise, Power & Prayer Christian School is an outreach ministry of Praise, Power & Prayer Temple CT